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VISA Checking Account Payroll Deduction
ATM Card Savings Account Direct Deposit
Mastercard Loans Home Equity Loans
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Internet Access to Accounts
This service provided by Home Financial Services and are available 24 hours a day, with the flexibility to take care of many financial transactions. HFS will require some personal financial information and require that you pre-register with the Credit Union to obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) specifically for this service.

  • Download to Quicken or Microsoft Money
  • Access your accounts
  • Transfer funds
  • Apply for membership, loans, and credit cards
  • Order drafts (checks)
  • Place stop payments on drafts
  • Request copies of cleared drafts
  • Visa 10.9%
    The credit union's VISA card could provide everything you're looking for in a credit card. Our VISA comes with:

  • Competitively low interest
  • No annual fee
  • A 25-day grace period on all purchases
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Cash advance capabilities
  • Can be used at selected ATMs
  • Home Equity Loans

  • 5 Years - 6%
  • 10 Years - 6.25%
  • 15 Years - 6.50%
  • Fifth Third ATM Card

  • 2 free transactions per month
  • 4 free transactions per month with direct deposit
  • Overdraft protection
  • Card may be used throughout the USA
  • Withdrawals surcharge free at all 5/3 Banks*

  • * fees may apply after your free transactions are used
    PIN # may be customized. Call the credit union @ 586-754-4214

    Debit Mastercard

  • Point of Sale Transactions free
  • Also works as a ATM card at the cash machine
  • Card may be used world wide
  • Checking
    Checking is available to you at the credit union with so much more than the ordinary account. We call our checking accounts Share Draft Checking, and we make it available to you with:

  • Overdraft protection
  • Auto withdrawal for insurance & utilities
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No per check fees
  • Monthly statements
  • Duplicate Checks
  • Direct Payment for utilities (35 companies)
  • Saving Account

  • Regular Share Accounts - This account you open to establish your membership. A $10.00 deposit opens account.
  • Christmas Club and Vacation Club Accounts
  • Money Market Accounts ($2,500.00 minimum)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts

  •   -Build a solid retirement fund with this account for the tax benefits it offers qualifying savers.

    Christmas Club Accounts
    Interest Bearing Accounts- Checks mailed out November 15 each year

    BI-County PTC Federal Credit Union makes loans to qualified members for all worthwhile needs. Financing plans available include:

  • New and Used Auto Loans
  • Boat and RV Loans
  • Signature Loans
  • Vacation Loans
  • Recreational Loans
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Bill Consolidation
  • The benefits of financing with the credit union are as follows:
  • A competitively low rate of interest
  • Easy repayment terms
  • A quick answer to your application
  • Convenient repayment through our Payroll Deduction service
  • Low cost Credit Life and Disability Insurance
  • Payroll Deduction / Direct Deposit
    Two services can save you time depositing the checks you receive regularly. Payroll Deduction allows you to have your paychecks deposited automatically. Direct Deposit paces the entire amount of your pension, Social Security or other recurring checks you make to our office and save valuable time with Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction!

    Additional Services

  • Travelers Checks
  • Notary Public Services
  • Discount Amusement Park Tickets
  • Discount AAA membership & premium withdrawal